What people are saying

“I think it’s superb. Easy to understand without any hint of being patronising Fun, engaging, well-judged level of technical chat. Glorious.”

Oliver Hancock Sub-Organist, Portsmouth Cathedral


“This book is wonderful. Useful tips for choristers written in an approachable way with lovely illustrations. Would highly recommend to anyone who teaches choristers. Buy it!”

5 star review on Amazon

“We have really enjoyed having this book. It covers everything you need to know, all in a clear, fun way.”

Matthew Brook, Bass-Baritone


“Anita is spot on the right level to interest boys and tell them just the things they need to know to achieve – well, as the subtitle says: “high performance singing”. I truly believe it’s important to empower youngsters to look after their own voices and this is just the book to do it. Young people can and should be the guardians of their own vocal health.”

Martin Ashley

 Author of ‘Contemporary Choral Work with Boys’ and other works